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AYJ Empowerment Entertainment

A diverse community events partnership package opportunity for marketers looking to engage in the cultural community-empowered special events, and entertainment-focused branding or experiential marketing through our properties.

What Fits Best for Your Company:

1. Special Events 
AYJEE has festivals that invite businesses like yours to increase brand exposure & help bring fun backyard-type games that enhance the way we provide event fun, networking, eating, meeting, and interactive time with the attendees throughout the event. At our festivals we always thrive to create engagement inviting outreach programs, local businesses, and a platform for community feedback, all while attendees discuss and share their experiences on social media outlets, Attendees will find that your sponsorship is a periscope above the commonality.
4. Entertainment
AYJEE has an all "Women Who Jam!®" platform that celebrates the diversity of women in music. It offers a unique experience for fans and artists by connecting them through live showcases, radio programming, and targeted marketing. This all-female, multicultural, multi-genre music platform perfectly blends confidence, hard work, and powerful voices. It showcases unique feminine artistry and is "the heartbeat of women in music."
2. Quality Experience
AYJEE has a range of special events planned as early as Feb-June, including an all-African-American Lady Lawyers masterclass event where female law firm owners, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, can access the knowledge, networks, and resources that have been instrumental in their journey and learn to scale their business to new heights.
3. Cultural community
AYJEE salutes our Veterans each year with our "Vet Week" activities, we would like to incorporate our partnership project "Helping Un-Housed Veterans Initiative" and a new base-level event that invites retirees and current active military men and women, community leaders, and even representatives from local, regional or state governments as well as some celebrities who support the veteran community to attend our military ball that takes place in November.
5. Economic Impact
AYJEE has event partnerships with the local city leadership, local businesses and other platforms for community feedback are strategies used to contribute to the local economy, whether through employment opportunities, partnerships, or by drawing visitors to the area. We also connect the dots within the community theater/visual arts projects with public/charter schools by partnering or providing custom event planning, private bookings for special occasions, or tailored guest recommendations.
6. Digital Experience 
AYJEE has podcast influencers and animators who can provide virtual events and social media interactions to their followers. With specialized content & behind the scenes content to give fans a glimpse into the preparation and dedication of performers and gamers.
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