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AYJ Logistics & Security Consultant

Our specialist is an asset to AYJ as he provides quality consultations to clients who need a professional security and logistics quality program tailored to their business needs. Willie Jackson is a skilled and a well respected volunteer veteran, who assist our company by providing consultations for security services and special projects security expertise to our clients in private or public sectors.  

Willie J. Jackson (U.S. Army Retired SFC) has 20+ years of military logistical management. His military active-duty service experience was Logistics Department Operations manager, where he supervised, managed, scheduled, coordinated all transportation requirements for movements internally and externally. Inventoried over 3000 weapons systems, vehicles, and ammunitions prior to unit deployment.  He developed the Command Supply Discipline Program for the organization consisting of 700 individuals, which was used to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse. He was Department Assistant Manager/Baumholder Germany, Senior Instructor/Facilitator Non-Commissioned Officers Academy, Fort Lee Virginia, Rear Detachment Operations Manager/First Sergeant Logistics Department Manager/S-4 Shop, Hunter Army Airfield.

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Business Resume`

Willie J. Jackson recently retired from G4S Secure Solutions as a Lt. Site Supervisor after 12 years. His site locations included First Data Headquarters Corporations and Riverside Epi Center where he implemented security guidelines and post orders for daily operations.                                                                                           


Career Deployments:

(2) Combat Tours to Iraq

(4) Peace Keeping Deployments to Bosnia, Kosovo, Korea, and Haiti

(2) Overseas tours to Korean & Germany


January 2010 US ARMY with the Distinction and Honor as a Disabled Veteran of Foreign Wars


               Supply Excellence Award 2000

               Meritorious Service Medal x 2

               Army Accommodations Medal x 5

               Army Achievement Medals x 3

               Overseas Ribbons x 2


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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