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Avis Y. Jackson wrote the proposal for , for the 

created The City of Riverdale Cultural Affairs Department Veterans Initiative VET WEEK, designed to connect the dots of local community veteran soldiers and organizations. Our mission was to create a camaraderie of a social and recreation environment where the Veterans could come together and share stories, contact information and connect with beneficial support organizations that could provide assistance with veteran benefits.

The Georgia Recreation and Park Association is a private, non -profit institution that was formed in 1945 and incorporated in 1968. The association believes that the delivery of recreation and parks services in the state has a tremendous impact economically, environmentally, and socially. The affairs of the association are governed by an elected board of trustees. The GRPA Board of Trustees has approved seven (7) - $1,000 grants. (One grant was awarded in Clayton County, City of Riverdale Cultural Affairs & Leisure Dept. representing  GRPA District)

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